Friday, January 9, 2009

Halloween 2008

T in her school parade on Halloween day. SCARRY!

Micah as as sock puppet! Our newest member of the Short family wanting to be apart of the parade.

Cousin Kenna as a skunk. What a cutie. She came to the girls parade.

H and S with cousins Anna and Brynlee at H's school parade.

H and S were Superwoman and Superman. S was so excited to be with the big kids.

Fun in St. George

T, H and cousin K are enjoying the hot day at the part in St. George.
S, cousin R, H, cousin K and T sitting on the ledges at the park. Enjoying their new town.

My brother Tim and sister in law Jamie have a home here in St. George. Cousin A is on the left, cousin K and Aunt Mandy at Tim's house. K and Mandy drove up with us from Kingman since they were homeless from the hurricane.

S is enjoying his new and only boy cousin on my side of the family. He thought it was great that there was someone smaller than him.

Our new home

I know everyone has been waiting long enough for pictures of our new humble abode here in St. George. This is all I have so far. I have more pictures on the camera but can't find the cord that attaches to the computer. So everyone is just going to have to wait a little longer.