Thursday, December 18, 2008

September Activities

Because of the hurricane in Houston, Mandy, K and R joined us in Kingman for a few days. It was so hot outside that they stripped down to undies to enjoy the pool.

S was sooooo tired, but screamed until he finally fell asleep like this. I checked on him to make sure that he was okay and this is what I found.

H is out messing around at T's soccer game. This was right before we moved to St. George.

S also loved to run around while T played soccer.

Here is T and her friend Courtney at one of T's soccer games.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Coral Pink Sand Dunes- Out of order- did this at the end of our trip

T and H enjoying running up and down the dunes. The sand was sooooo soft!
S couldn't get enough of the sand.
S was full of sand but it was well worth it. It was very fun.
J and A taking a moment at the Coral Dunes.
A, Uncle N, T and H jumped down the dunes. By the time they climbed and jumped down they were all out of breath.

S and A's birthday party

Here is S for his 2nd birthday. We celebrated it in Mount Carmel. We stayed in the trailer for a week while we visited Zions, Bryce Canyon and the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. This is S's gift. He wasn't sure what to do at first.
Here is S and H. As you can see S learned what to do in no time.
S's is enjoying opening his other gifts from mom and dad and from Nana and Papa.
A had to celebrate his birthday with S this year. This was A's BIG 40th birthday! What a bash!
S was so excited that his birthday was Lightening McQueen. He watches this movies multiple times a week.

Bryce Canyon and Coral Pink Sand Dunes

T, N and J enjoying lunch at one of the eating areas at Bryce Canyon.
T, S, J, H and A enjoying the beautiful view of Bryce Canyon. S wanted out to climb the walls!
Uncles N and J, S, H, Nana, T and A(taking picture), went to an overlook in Bryce.
Another beautiful view of Bryce.

Zions National Park and Grand Canyon

Papa/Dad showing us his sexy man pose while swimming in the river at Zions. It was so hot there everyone was taking a dip.
The family took a hike up the mountain in Zions. This hike was almost straigt up and you had to cross a man made bridge across the edge of the cliff. Papa doesn't look it, but his was scared to death. The fence behind us was right on the ledge of a cliff that went to the bottom of the canyon. We were up very high. It was really pretty!
S was making new friends wherever he could. This little boy and S were running around and climbing this tree. This tree was huge, it shaded all the grass in front of the Lodge.
H and T on another hike we took up to what is called Weaping Rock. It was pretty cool, right out of the rock came water. They estimate that the water that is coming out is about 1400 yrs old.
This is Nana/Mom taking a break on the long hike/walk that leads you to the bottom part of the narrows. On this trek is where we went swimming.

Trip to Zions National Park and the Grand Canyon

This is out front of the Lodge in Zions, it was so pretty there and very hot! We ate pizza here two days in a row.
Papa/Dad waiting for the shuttle bus. He was taking a picture of J while taking a picture of him.
Uncle N and S enjoying the hot bus ride through Zions. S thought it was pretty cool.
S and J playing around in the river. S's diaper was so full of water that it was falling off so he went in the buff. People thought it was hillarious. S loved the freedom!
Uncle N, S and T trying to get off the rock and back to shore. Wasn't as easy as getting on.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fun with Cousins in St. George

T, H and S had so much fun with their cousins Anna and Bryn. It was non-stop fun!

St. George

Here are some fun family photos that were taken this month on a couple trips we made to St. George, Utah. A had an interview on the first trip and then Memorial weekend we went up and spent time with family.

Family Fun with New Camera

T, H and S out front having a good time. H is doing her cheerleader dance. T is cruising on the scooter and S is driving like a crazy man.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lost Camera

Hi all, just letting you know that our camera was left at a park and then something or someone took it. Hopefully soon we will be able to start taking pictures again. I am very bummed because the camera card and camera were full of pictures. All from Adri and Josh's wedding and our trip to SL and much more. Keep checking in and see if I've made any new progress.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Phoenix and the Zoo

S on his bike from Christmas. He already has a new big wheel, because he has out grown this.
We went to the Phoenix Zoo with A's side of the family. T, H and Jordan and Aunt Staci with the Giraffes.
J and Kim with the kids. What a clan.
Rachel, Jordan and H.
The kids have had it. We were at the Zoo for about 5 hours. We were in Phoenix March 13-16th. It was a lot of fun.

The whole clan at the Zoo.

S is enjoying his cousins car.
S and Rachel playing at Rachel's house

T and H dancing at Loreen and Val's new beutiful home. Oh, on this trip we also went to the Renaissance Festival. The batteries in the camera were dead when we got there, so we don't have any pictures. It too was a lot of fun.
This is S watching his favorite movie Cars. He watches this multiple times a day. He has a fetish with cars.
This is T, H, S and cousins Noelle and Sophia Easter morning before church. Fancy kids!
A and S looking handsome for Easter church.

S really sick with Bronchitis and fevers. This is his albuteral treatment so he can breath. This is his second time with this yucky cold.