Friday, February 22, 2008

S is in his new Tuxedo for his aunt Adri's wedding. The only thing that will be different is that his purple shirt will be pink.
Isn't S the most handsome 19 month old you have ever seen!

Princess Haircut

Princess got her first haircut today since we got her. When they brought her out I thought they had brought me the wrong dog. They shaved her to look like a poodle.

She almost looks naked!

Hotel and Bday

I know this post is out of order. J and the kids stayed at the Holiday Inn in Cedar City on our way home from Christmas in Utah. This is on
New Year's Eve. They were getting ready to go swimming.
This is H's bday party we gave her at Pizza Hut. She didn't know she was having it. She was so shocked when we got there and saw the table and baloons.

Since no one could be at H's party, here we are singing Happy Birthday.

Grand Canyon Cavern

S in a coon skin cap from the gift shop at the caverns. Isn't he adorable!
Here we are about 350 ft below the surface. You can't really see it very well, but the cavern goes way back.
This is a cat that fell into the cavern and because of the little amount of air and how dry the air is the cat mummified.
This is the entrance to the caverns. We all went on Memorial day '08 with aunt staci. S couldn't get enough of the dinasour. He kept growling at it and saying "Big Grrrr". If you are ever visiting us , the caverns are only 60 miles away!

Colorado River

This is J standing at an overlook to the Colorado River. It is just about 60 miles from home.
This is A also at the overlook at the Colorado River .
Here are T,H and S playing at the river's edge where you can launch your boat. We are so excited for this summer. There is the river and 3 lakes within an hour drive.


H and her class got to go to the airport and look inside airplanes. She thought it was so neat.
This is H's VW Bug that she made for her auto parade at school. She had a ton of fun!