Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Fun

S's b-day cake.
A Pot Gut wanting the left overs.

A's birthday. Turned 41!

Cool Glasses!


Fireworks in Midway, Ut. with family.

Anna and S's birthday celebration in Midway.

S hitting his pinata for his birthday celebration with family.

Ready to sing happy birthday.

Couldn't leave his truck home for the journey to SLC to pick up the girls.
Sorry these aren't in order!

S Birthday- The Big 3!!

S wanted a truck with a boat and trailer so that is what he got!

S and Dad celebrating S's b-day.

S wanting so badly to open his presents.

Licking his lips in prep for a yummy cake.

S is loving his Birthday at the park. Not so fun for mom and dad because it was about 110 degrees outside.

Time in Las Vegas

Enoying the Merry Go Round with S in Vegas
A also enjoying.

S is loving the animal show at our hotel.

Our hotel in Vegas!

S loving the quiet ride to Vegas.

S and A loving the Merry Go Round.

S and Mom's summer adventures.

S and mom enjoying time together in Las Vegas.
S and I still enjoying time together. Girls were in SLC with Nana and Papa for 3 weeks.

S enjoying the dinasour museum finding bones.

S and mom at the animal museum. Wasn't so sure about the stuffed Alligator!

S loving his binaculars at the animal museum.

Ya- I know! Life is BUSY!!

S enjoying the cool pool with cousins.
A enjoying a licorice and movie downtown St. George with family.

Nana with Anna and Papa waiting for the movie.

Uncle Zac with Kenna and S.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Halloween 2008

T in her school parade on Halloween day. SCARRY!

Micah as as sock puppet! Our newest member of the Short family wanting to be apart of the parade.

Cousin Kenna as a skunk. What a cutie. She came to the girls parade.

H and S with cousins Anna and Brynlee at H's school parade.

H and S were Superwoman and Superman. S was so excited to be with the big kids.

Fun in St. George

T, H and cousin K are enjoying the hot day at the part in St. George.
S, cousin R, H, cousin K and T sitting on the ledges at the park. Enjoying their new town.

My brother Tim and sister in law Jamie have a home here in St. George. Cousin A is on the left, cousin K and Aunt Mandy at Tim's house. K and Mandy drove up with us from Kingman since they were homeless from the hurricane.

S is enjoying his new and only boy cousin on my side of the family. He thought it was great that there was someone smaller than him.

Our new home

I know everyone has been waiting long enough for pictures of our new humble abode here in St. George. This is all I have so far. I have more pictures on the camera but can't find the cord that attaches to the computer. So everyone is just going to have to wait a little longer.